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8 simple steps to healthier skin

8 simple steps to healthier skin

There are many things we can do to improve the health and appearance of our skin but here are 8? Things you should consider if you want your skin to look and feel its best. Do share your own skin tips with us and other readers below – what works for you?

(1) Over-Cleansing

If you clean your face too frequently or use too much cleansing soap your skin will respond by producing more sebum to counteract the drying affect. This results in breakouts. If you live in an area with hard-water it takes more soap to get a lather which can cause your skin to dry out even further. So for this?reason it is best to use a non-soap, gentle cleanser which is designed to not form a lather. ?Make sure to remove all traces of cleanser with a mitt or cloth.

(2) Drinks

Drink green tea as it contains polyphenols which neutralise free radicals which lead to skin damage and ageing.?There is some evidence to suggest that epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in green tea may help prevent the collagen destruction that leads to wrinkles. Its anti-inflammatory properties can soothe red and inflamed skin. If?you have rosacea its best to drink it cold. Drink alcohol in moderation; rather than bingeing at the weekend its better to have a glass each day and clearer drinks are better than the darker ones. Obviously keep hydrated by drinking as much water as you can each day.

(3) Stress

It’s easier said then done but try to avoid it as much as possible!?Stress causes the levels of the hormone cortisol to be raised in the body which?can lead to oily?skin prone to breakouts. So practice deep breathing or go for a nice long walk which leads us to our next tip…

(4) Air Quality

Dry, indoor air can dehydrate your skin so by getting out into nature and away from fume producing cars and pollutant producing factories you not only benefit your mind but your skin too!

(5) Sun exposure through glass

In the United States, dermatologists were frequently noticing more age related skin symptoms such as wrinkles and age spots and, more seriously, skin cancers on the left hand side of the face.?Research is now showing that this is due to UVA rays from the sun which can penetrate though side windows in your car. You may up to now have been protecting your skin when sunbathing but you need to be aware that while glass effectively blocks UVB, and windshields are specially treated to block UVA as well, a car?s side and rear windows allow UVA to penetrate. This is also true of glass in offices, homes and other buildings.

(6) Sleep

When we are sleeping? Our skin has time to repair and rejuvenate itself so it needs as much time to do that as is possible. Sleep deprivation, as many people will know, leads to stress and thus increased production of the hormone cortisol which is responsible for breakouts. In addition, when we are tired we tend to lean towards less healthy options when it comes to food to give us a quick energy fix which leads us to the next tip for healthier skin..

(7) Food

Too much sugar and salt (everything in moderation) leads to poor quality skin tone and structure. ?Studies have shown that over consumption of milk can lead to acne and low-fat milk has been shown to be a worse culprit than full fat. The best foods for healthy skin include oily fish, walnuts, coconut oil, sunflower seeds, watermelon, sweet potatoes, dark chocolate, kidney beans, yoghurt and peppers. Plenty of good fats, protein and leafy greens will give your skin the structure it needs to help it glow.

(8) Medicine

Check your medicine cabinet. Drugs can and do have side effects and some of these could be causing your skin problems. Antidepressants, diuretics and anti-histamines can lead to dry skin while some contraceptives and antibiotics can lead to breakouts. Other drugs can leave you vulnerable to sun-damage.

Please let us know your skin tips below in the comments, we would love to hear and share them.

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