8 simple steps to healthier skin

There are many things we can do to improve the health and appearance of our skin but here are 8 things you should consider if you want your skin to look and feel its best. Do share your own skin tips with us and other readers below – read more

What is the link between your gut and good skin health?

Skin health starts in your gut and our blog post today is all about probiotics. These are the good guys that live in our intestines preventing the bad guys from taking hold and making us sick. So they keep our digestive system healthy and have a big function to play read more

Our first blog post – why should you choose Element 8?

Hi, We wanted to use this, our first blog post, to communicate our dedication to creating products that will nourish and protect your skin. It is very important to us that our products improve the feel, vitality and appearance of your skin. Otherwise, for us there would be no point in pursuing this read more

Watch out for this preservative…

Preservatives are an essential component to any water-containing cosmetic product. Besides prolonging the shelf life of the product, their most important function is to prevent the growth of microbes. Formulating a product without them would be considered reckless as the risk of causing serious infections and irritations would be huge. read more

Why the name Element 8?!

Oxygen is vital to sustaining life; without oxygen our cells are unable to carry out their function and die. At the same time though the process of oxidation is what causes disease and leads to ageing of our body. This interesting paradox is one of the reasons I decided to name our brand read more

Scent of a Woman

At Element 8 we have a dilemma; to add a fragrance or not to our products. We have been making our restorative and hydrating moisturiser without a fragrance as it fits our ethos – fragrances can be problematic as they can cause skin irritations, but women (and men) like nice smells. The constituents read more

Skin Hydr8tion tips for the week ahead

As next weekend is a bank holiday weekend it’s a good time to get your body and skin hydrated in preparation! Even if you are not going to have an alcoholic drink anytime soon hydration is key to keeping skin supple and smooth. Hydration and moisture are too different read more

Element 8 festival guide 2017!

This isn’t going to recommend any tents or wellies but what it is going to do is keep you fresh all festival long! It’s the picnic weekend!! The last festival of the summer! Now I am not lucky enough to be going this weekend (yes I hear the pity cries!) read more

Be still my beating heart.

Valentine’s Day…overpriced roses, heart shaped chocolates and soppy cards? The real meaning of Saint Valentine’s Day may be lost on us millennials so let me take you back to the third century in Rome. Valentinus refused to worship twelve gods so he was imprisoned. Whilst in prison he began teaching the read more

Cancer and Skincare

Cancer treatments, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, are effective in treating cancer but can and do have many difficult side effects on your body. One of these side effects is the disruption of the skin barrier. The effects of radiotherapy treatment on the skin can vary from person to person and will read more