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Element 8 Camping Guide

Element 8 Camping Guide

So we are all missing festivals this summer – again (what one are you missing most?), but as things are the way they are right now many of you will try camping this summer – no way… never… I hear you say. Well I’m going to pass on some tips anyway, just in case.

We love camping and try to see somewhere new in Ireland every summer. There are some really great Instagram pages the_irish_experience and tourismireland to mention just two that show of some spectactular sites across the country. This is us heading off in the camper last summer: keep and eye out for a big white camper van this summer and come say hello!









This isn’t going to recommend any tents or wellies but maybe I could pass on some tips to help you feel in some way normal? Ok I am not pushing a skincare routine here (I admire anyone who will have enough wits about them or energy or time to cleanse, tone, layer, moisturise etc!) but a few simple things could really help you maximize your camping (or festival photos for later in the year hopefully) along with your flower crowns.

(1) Sun Protection
First and most importantly, no matter the weather, to quote Baz Luhrmann ‘you gotta wear sunscreen’. We are a pasty nation; getting burnt will ruin your day. Bring a proper pair of shades to protect your eyes from the sun and to keep your lips protected (we sometimes forget about them) pick up a lip balm with an SPF in it. I make my own – really simple to do but I also am lucky enough to have UVA and UVB filters to put in there but looking at the ingredients Moogoos Natural Lipbalm with SPF 15 could help any camping shifting that may occur.

(2) Moisturise
If the Irish rain decides not to make an appearance and doesn’t keep you moist you need a back up plan! Bring a moisturiser with you. Our hands can get pretty grimy when we are camping so to prevent any yukiness getting into your cream I recommend transferring some of your best moisturiser at home into a small container just enough for the weekend. And yes use your good moisturiser. Why? Why not? Your skin deserves the best camping or no camping.

(3) Cleansing
Most people will be washing themselves with a baby wipe so there will be no cleanliness judgement passed. But we here at Element 8 recommend you bring a few cotton pads and some rosewater or any no-rinse cleanser to use before you hit the pillow that night. Water free no-rinse cleansers can be suitable for those with dry skin. Slap some moisturiser on and get ready for day 2.

(4) Hydration
We love hydration sprays and mists so if you get into a shop pick up one of these and spray during the day to keep your skin hydrated. Drink plenty of water (gin and tonic water with cucumber doesn’t count guys!). Have a smoothie or juice to help replenish some vitamins and minerals that may be lost due to camping circumstances (they won’t be found in energy drinks).

So what are we packing?
Cotton pads, Rosewater or other no-rinse cleanser, wipes, moisturiser (in a plastic reusable pot), lip balm preferably with SPF, sunscreen, shades, hydration mist. Have we forgotten anything??

(5) Recovery

Following the camping party it might be nice to relax in a hot bath, treat your skin to a recovery face mask, scrub and exfoliate your entire body and wash away the fear of returning to work on Monday.

Let us know how it goes! Tag us @element8.ie on Instagram and twitter and use the hashtag #element8intothewild. We hope to see you in Mayo or Galway in August perhaps.

Let us know what tips worked for you and any other tips you found useful.

Enjoy and be good!
Mairead, E8 x