Our first blog post - why should you choose Element 8? - element8 Organic Skincare
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Our first blog post – why should you choose Element 8?

Our first blog post – why should you choose Element 8?


We wanted to use this, our first blog post, to communicate our dedication to?creating products that will nourish and protect your skin. It is very?important to us that our products improve the feel, vitality and appearance of your skin. Otherwise, for us there would be no point in?pursuing this venture (adventure?!).?I will write more later on the why and how we have arrived at this point but it has been a 4 year long trial and testing process so far!

What is different about us to other cosmetic companies? We base our work?on science and passion. We use ingredients that have reputable results and effects. As?when cooking – the better quality the ingredients the better the meal.?Furthermore, we have several active ingredients in our products that all have a role to play in protecting and restoring your skin. We don’t add ingredients that have a hazard rating or we don’t use an ingredient that is preserved with something we don’t like. By the way, if?you are unsure of the safety rating of an ingredient there are a few?ways to check it out – the?Environmental Working Group Skin Deep cosmetics database is an excellent resource (and free!) – type in the name of the ingredient and it gives you a hazard rating from 0 to 10. This rating is based on collated scientific research. If there is little information on an ingredient in the scientific community it can effect its result which in my opinion is a good thing as its safety is yet to be fully tested. ?There?is also an app called Chemical Maze (?10 for iPhones and ?6 for Android). You can of course just use google but make sure that you critically evaluate all of the available information. I will be writing further about ingredients that should be avoided but for now I’m just excited to introduce our approach to you and hope that you keep an eye out for our products that are coming soon….

We are a company that has its roots in health, nutrition and science and now we are focused on creating luxurious?beauty?products that will give you a glow and suppleness to your skin that you can be proud of.

Thanks for reading,

E8 x